Government gives natural gas green light in highly anticipated ‘Road to Zero’ strategy

9th July 2018
Today’s publication of the highly anticipated ‘Road to Zero’ strategy shows that the Government is becoming increasingly aware of the potential of natural gas as a means to decarbonise transport, especially when it comes to heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).
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The Natural Gas Vehicles Network (NGVN) is pleased that this report recognises that natural gas can play a pivotal role in the decarbonisation of transport, which is vital if we are to meet fast approaching carbon budgets.

Further, NGVN welcomes the government’s growing interest in the use of natural gas in HGVs and its associated benefits. If vehicles were to use natural gas, NOx emissions could be reduced by 74% and Particulate Matter by 96%. Further, if they use Biomethane, carbon emissions would also be reduced by over 80%.

Mike Foster, CEO of NGVN, said: “The Road to Zero strategy recognises the manner in which natural gas has the power to be truly transformative when it comes to reducing vehicular emissions. In January, NGVN wrote to the Secretary of State for Transport about this surrounding this and we are pleased to see that Government have listened.

Greater decarbonisation of the UK’s HGV fleet would serve as an ‘easy win’ for a Government embroiled in legal battles over its poor record on air quality. HGV’s constitute only 5% of vehicle miles travelled and make up just 2% of vehicles on the road, yet emit 13% of total transport-derived NOX and 18% of transport greenhouse gas emissions; clearly cleaning up HGV’s should be a political priority and Government are finally beginning to recognise that.”

He added: “We will work with Government regarding the further emissions testing of natural gas HGVs that they have proposed within the Road to Zero document. We look forward to helping them gather the evidence required to inform decisions on future government policy, and hope to see natural gas HGVs becoming increasingly common in the coming years.”