Biomethane can speed up decarbonisation in road transport

29th March 2021
A new study, released on Thursday 25th March, from the Gas Distribution Networks, is a welcome addition to the growing body of information on gas as a transport fuel, and the opportunities that it offers to the decarbonisation of transport, says the Gas Vehicle Network, GVN.
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Mike Foster, CEO, GVN said; 

“HGVs have historically been a blind spot for all political parties. Studies such as this week’s Future Role of Gas in Transport report reinforce the benefits and opportunities available from using biomethane as a fuel for these vehicles.” 

“Transport is the single largest sector for carbon emissions so we all know it needs to be decarbonised more rapidly for us to meet the Net Zero 2050 objectives. Gas as a transport fuel offers the greatest potential for heavier and long-haul applications which we know, are also the most difficult to decarbonise.”  

“The report states that ‘transition must start now to achieve Net-Zero by 2050’. What are we waiting for? The infrastructure is being expanded and take up by fleet operators is growing year on year. There is no other sector of the UK economy where large CO₂ emissions cuts can be so quickly and cost-effectively implemented as that of HGVs and in particular the heavy duty long-distance truck sector.”

“GVN will continue to work with the Department for Transport, DfT, to recognise the enormous potential of biomethane, not only to bring down carbon emissions but also to offer negative greenhouse gas emissions which are achieved with green renewable gases.”