Gas as a transport fuel industry growth

The volume of biomethane gas for transport fuel is growing year on year
  • New Gas as a fuel growth

Clean, low carbon, gas-powered vehicles are an obvious, sustainable ‘no brainer’ for the freight and transport industry. The 2020 statistics show that 93% of gas used in HGVs is biomethane, up from nearly 80% in 2019. An increase of over 13%.- clearly indicating the direction of travel for the HGV sector. 

This is the result of the gas vehicle industry delivering vehicle technology and widespread infrastructure together with financial incentives- through the governments’ fuel duty differential scheme.

There are also great environmental benefits of gas in transport. Biomethane fuelled HGVs emit [i]85 per cent less carbon into the atmosphere compared to a ‘clean’ Euro 6 diesel. The HGV sector accounts for a disproportionate share (17%) of transport carbon emissions but only 2 per cent of vehicles on our roads are HGVs and buses, and they travel 6 per cent of miles.

Fleet managers and Government can achieve substantial carbon savings immediately by switching to low carbon gas-powered heavy vehicle transport.

The government also has in place a fuel duty differential until 2032, thanks to the work of GVN making it financially a sensible decision to switch to gas from diesel.