About Us

The Gas Vehicle Network (GVN) was formed in 2014 to convey the opportunity gas vehicles provide for road haulage. A transport solution. GVN aim to accelerate the development of the gas vehicle industry, and to encourage increased use of gas (both Liquid Natural Gas – LNG and Compressed Natural Gas – CNG) and biomethane as low emission transport fuels.
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GVN brings together major UK companies across the gas vehicle industry supply chain who are driving the increasing use of gas as a transport fuel. These include network operators, infrastructure providers, vehicle manufacturers, fuel providers, and logistics companies. (view our members).

The Network is a not for profit member organistion that promotes a better understanding of the strategic potential for the gas vehicle industry in the UK. It promotes collective and collaborative views, rather than the position of single members or single groups of members.


GV Network will;

  • Work with government and other agencies to develop the framework within which the industry will operate.
  • Raise awareness, and promote the benefits of gas as a vehicle fuel for Heavy Goods Vehicles, HGVs, and buses.
  • Pursue investment in the production of alternative fuel sources such as biomethane which supports the strategic drive for renewable energy.
  • Drive the implementation of relevant engineering standards in collaboration with industry bodies and regulatory organisations, and Fuel standards, particularly with a mind to making sure OEM providers understand deliverable fuel quality and design systems accordingly.
  • Encourage the development of new skills and employment opportunities in the sector.


Discover the many benefits to switching from diesel or renewable biomethane gas for your HGV
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